Dental Crowns in Grand Prairie, TX

Crowns are a versatile dental treatment that can be used to restore broken, weak, or even missing teeth. Also known as dental caps, crowns are designed to closely resemble your teeth in shape, size, and color for a natural-looking smile. Dr. Park often recommends crowns to complete a dental implant, restore a damaged or decayed tooth, and protect a tooth that has had root canal therapy.

All it takes is two or three visits to Family Dentistry of Grand Prairie to receive your custom crown. We’ll first take impressions of your teeth and prepare the tooth in question for the crown. A temporary crown may be placed while your custom crown is being crafted. Then, about two weeks later, you’ll visit us again to have the final crown placed. Once in place, strength, function, beauty, and wellness will be restored to your smile. Please call or visit our office today if you would like to learn more about crowns and general or restorative dentistry.