Intraoral Cameras

We know that not everyone has crocodile-like jaws that can open to expose their entire mouth. One of the tools that will help us see into the hard-to-reach places of your mouth without prying open your jaws is an intraoral camera.

With a long, narrow handpiece and a small camera on the end, an intraoral camera allows either Dr. Park to see detailed images of the inside of your mouth, while you remain comfortable. A small fiber-optic light illuminates the subject while a tiny digital camera transmits images to a large screen. Intraoral cameras allow your dentist to see small details that are often missed with the naked eye, allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment of oral health issues. Dr. Park will refer to the images as they explain their findings, diagnosis, and treatment options.

This modern technology also creates a digital file that can be easily transmitted to insurance companies or specialists. Additionally, these images remain in your digital chart, allowing Dr. Park to compare them to newer images to monitor oral health changes such as tooth wear or gum recession.