Dental Bridges in Grand Prairie, Texas

Is there a missing tooth in your smile? Maybe you have had a tooth extraction and that gap between teeth makes it difficult to chew correctly. Missing teeth can not only make eating uncomfortable, but can also affect the way you speak, the way you smile, and cause oral health issues. A missing tooth can make your gums susceptible to disease. Surrounding teeth lose some defense against decay, may drift out of position, or create a bigger gap. How can you prevent all of these unwanted changes in your eating habits, speech, and health? Using advanced technology and years of experience, Dr. Park can help you close this gap with a bridge.

A dental bridge is much like the structural bridges that connect one land mass with another. In the case of a dental bridge, consider the teeth on either side of the gap to be the “land masses” that need to be connected. Like a structural bridge, the dental bridge is firmly attached to either side of the gap. Dr. Park will use a dental cement to seamlessly bond the bridge to the surrounding teeth. In the middle, a porcelain model will replace the missing tooth. In just a few visits, you can have a bridge placed in the gap so that you can avoid tooth and gum vulnerability to decay and disease.

On the first visit at Family Dentistry of Grand Prairie, Dr. Park will prepare your teeth to take an impression of the area that the bridge will be placed. The impression is made so that the bridge will model exactly how a natural tooth should feel. From these impressions, the laboratory will match the model to the impression and form your bridge to fit seamlessly with your smile. Dr. Park will then take the exact shade of your teeth on either side of a bridge so that everything remains uniform. While the bridge is being specially crafted to your mouth’s unique specifications, we may give you a temporary bridge so that your teeth will be protected. When your bridge is ready, your dentist will remove the temporary bridge and place the final dental bridge. Because we care about your comfort and satisfaction, we will check to make sure the bridge fits well with your bite and feels comfortable. Then, you will be able to use and maintain your new bridge like you would your natural teeth.