Teeth Whitening in Grand Prairie, TX

Contemporary research suggests that 80 percent of Americans ages 18 to 49 would like a dazzling smile. A brilliant appearance projects an air of confidence and vitality. Professional teeth whitening can re-energize a dull smile.

We have the solution for you, whether you want to treat your entire smile or concentrate on a few discolored teeth. Our take-home whitening kits can generate dramatic results, brightening teeth up to seven shades. Patients can choose to whiten as it fits with their goals and desired timetables.

If you decide to put the pizzazz back in your pearly whites, Dr. Park will take molds of your teeth and fabricate your custom whitening trays. We will supply the professional-grade bleaching gel during your appointment at Family Dentistry of Grand Prairie. Apply the solution to the trays and wear them as directed. In just two to three weeks, you can dazzle friends and family with your bold new image.