Digital X-rays

Gone are the days of waiting for chemical processing to see an X-ray image. At Family Dentistry of Grand Prairie, we have invested in the digital radiography, or digital X-rays. This awesome technology requires 80 percent less radiation than traditional X-rays, so it’s safer for you. Digital radiography is also safer for the environment since there is no chemical processing waste, as there is with traditional radiography.

Right after we capture your X-rays, Dr. Park can display them on a chairside monitor so that you can better understand their explanations of diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We want your visit to be educational so that you can leave the dental chair knowing more about your health and feeling good about your decisions for dental care.

Another benefit of digital X-rays is that the images are easily transferrable for referrals to other offices, insurance claims, and for personal records. We are in the digital age, and you can count on our office to leverage technology for your benefit.